Have you spent the last four days eating and drinking until your heart’s content? Never fear, all is not ruined. See below for some quick tips to get you back on track smile


The long weekend Easter provides is a great time to catch up with friends and family, have a few beers and gorge on chocolate. Unfortunately come Tuesday reality sets in and you may be feeling a little flat after all that alcohol and sugar. Not to worry all is not lost. You can get back on track by just following a few simple steps. The key here is to act fast and not let a loose weekend turn into a loose week.

1. Make sure you’re well rested

Everybody feels like crap after missing a few hours of sleep. Sleep is super important to our overall well-being. Lack of sleep impacts our bodies serotonin, ghrelin and leptin levels. Having these three out of balance is going to play havok with your hunger levels. To combat this make sure you catch up on any sleep you missed over the long weekend.


2. Stay hydrated
Yes I know you’ve heard this on pretty much every article relating to your health but it’s brought up so often for a reason. H2O helps the body dissolve minerals and nutrients making them more accessible. It also helps remove waste products in the body… Water is vital for our kidneys to function properly and if your kidneys aren’t functioning properly waste products and excess fluid will start to build up. Iin short ensure that you’ve been providing your body with the water that it deserves!


3. Double down on the veggies
You want to be running at a slight caloric deficit for the week to make up 4 the weekends indulgence is. An easy way to do this is double down on your portions of vegetables. Not only is this going to increase the nutrient levels in your meals but it’s going to make you feel Fuller when eating resulting in you consuming less calories.


4. Avoid skipping meals!
This is probably the most important one. The worst thing you can do right now is skipping meals and starving yourself. If you do this energy levels will inevitably drop, you’ll be less likely to spend time training and your metabolism will suffer causing you to hold onto fat stores and calories. Do not skip meals.


In conclusion it’s great to let your hair down from time to time and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. But now that the week has begun don’t let a great long weekend turn into a sloppy couple of weeks.

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